High school, assembly, class 8

Class 8’s Thoughts on the High School

High school, assembly, class 8
Class 8 welcome assembly

‘I like the High School, I prefer it to the Primary. I think it’s more interesting and I like having lots of teachers. I think that here and at the next school there should be a small dam/large pond stocked with bass, trout and carp. My favourite lessons are Physics and isiXhosa. I am enjoying it here.
– Ruben

I am enjoying High School, I really like having a variety of teachers and set lessons and times. All the students and teachers have been friendly. What I want is a good education and opportunities for the future, but I also want to have fun with my friends, which is why I like it here.
⁃ Mila

My high school is fun! It has been very exciting. My favourite subject is Physics, my second favourite is isiXhosa.
⁃ Travis

I am still new to the High School but so far I really like it. All the teachers are really nice and are inspiring me to learn. I feel like I have lots of opportunities here and I hope my education at Imhoff Waldorf takes me to great places. I like that I can be my own person here and that the teachers encourage me to follow my dreams.
⁃ Zarin

It’s quite interesting at the High School. There are a lot of cool people, the teachers are nice. I like all the animals – Rosie, the peacock, the peahen and the ‘chick-peas’. I think it’s going to be very fun at Waldorf.
– Katy

High School is really different but nice. I like that there are so many people to make friends with. I’m also getting used to the schedule because in primary school they would just tell you what to do. The work is very different but I’m coping. I really like the lessons, the teachers are nice and patient.
⁃ Christelle

High School has been very cool, I’m already used to it. I’ve made new friends, met new teachers. It’s nice having a smaller class with lots of different teachers. I like woodwork.
⁃ Blaze