Farewell from our volunteer Jule

Dear Imhoff Family

Now 12 months are over and unfortunately I have to go back to Germany.  I still can’t believe that the time went so fast!

 I can remember how excited I was a few days before my flight to Cape Town. I finished my matric in May/June and felt so happy to get the chance to come to your beautiful country. After the stressful time before my final exams, it was just the perfect place to be.Jule driving

I want to thank every single one of you for making my year here so beautiful and memorable! The environment you created around the school is truly unique and inspiring and I am so thankful that I could work here.

I can tell you that I enjoyed coming to work every single day because I was welcomed at the school with a big smile and some nice chats here and there. And if I had a problem or struggled a bit, I could be sure that there was always someone at the school with an open ear and good advice.

I think it’s amazing that all the children at this school can just be the way that they are and that the teachers and their parents support them on their way. I myself didn’t go to a Waldorf School but had the opportunity to get to know Waldorf Education and its positive impact on the children at the Imhoff Waldorf School.

I have so many good memories: the class trip with the now class 7 , the Spring Fair, the Greek Olympics, the swimming lessons,  all the beautiful plays, the St. John’s Festival and a lot more! Soon I am going to start University in Germany because I also want to become a Primary School Teacher.JUle at Greek olympics

The Imhoff Waldorf School really feels like a huge loving family that I will never forget.

Thank you for everything!

I will always keep you in my heart and I will definitely come and visit you in the future.

Jule Soergens

Jule swiming lessonsJule with KG class