Coming Up: Class 9 Shakespeare Play: Twelfth Night 16 – 20 August

Play poster class 9Spread some Aloha!

Class 9’s have been seen wandering around, nervously clutching grey books, huddling together, occasionally exclaiming “hyperbolical fiend!”  Or “unfold the passion of my love….”.  They are delighting in “barren rascals” and calling each other “wench” and “my lord”. What can this mean?  Only one thing – it is time for the annual class 9 Shakespeare play again!

This year, we are presenting another romping comedy TWELFTH NIGHT, featuring the usual mistaken identities, girls dressed as boys, searches for lost family members, a Fool that is the wisest person on stage and unrequited love – which all comes right in the end.  Sort of.  There is the puritanical servant, Malvolio, who believes that everything in life is learnt through suffering.  There is the lovable drunk uncle Sir Toby, who just wants a life of fun.  Through these two characters, Shakespeare wisely shows us the pitfalls of excess.  We have Duke Orsino, in love with the idea of love.  We have the glorious Olivia, with her feisty lady-in-waiting Maria, who try to run a women-only household.  This play also features one of Shakespeare’s most sought-after parts for an actress – that of Viola, whose twin brother  Sebastian, is lost at sea.  In her search for him, Viola disguises herself as a man called Cesario and finds work in Duke Orsino’s court as his messenger of love to Olivia.  Olivia rejects Duke Orsino, but falls in love with the girl-dressed-as-boy Cesario!  In turn, Viola falls desperately for Duke Orsino, but cannot reveal this as she is dressed as a boy!  Then we have the silly Sir Andrew, who is trying to win Olivia’s love, but is only there because he has money – to keep the bar stocked for Sir Toby!

All set in an Island Style, with bright colours, loud Hawaiian shirts and magical music, this is fun for the whole family – come along and see how it all turns out.

Performance dates and times:
Wed 16 Aug – Sat 19 August at 6.30pm
Matinee on Saturday 19 August at 2.30pm
Sunday 20 August at 4.30pm
Cost:  R30
Venue:  Primary school movement room
Refreshments will be on sale at intervalFaith Janis play dance malvin and sinazo dance dance 2backdrop