High School Crowdfunding Campaign

thundafund2smallThe high school has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Thundafund.
Our mission is to raise money to cover the fees of those sponsored students whose fees are only covered in part by sponsors (with the school providing the deficit.) We need to raise R850 000 in the last two weeks that this campaign has to run and to secure interim premises in order to save the high school! So far we have R46 550. The date for the board’s decision on the future of the high school is 19 June. We need the help of everyone in the school to share by email and on social media to help our campaign go viral!
This is how the campaign is structured:

Our Tipping point :
 R100 000 (must be reached by 17 June or all money will be returned to all donors) would enable us to fund two students, but not save the high school as a whole. If this is all we raise we will use the money to help our sponsored students to find and pay fees at another school.

Our Goal:
 R850 000 and interim premises would enable our high school to continue in 2018.

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