Class 3’s Building Project

There’s magic in moving and molding earth! Filled with the spirit of the Dragon Tree Project, the Class Threes took to the magic on sunny Sunday 23rd April. Under the expert guidance of Regardt Kenny, who had spent the week (huge thanks!) testing and refining the recipe for bricks using our local clay, straw, sand and water, class threes and parents spent the day making bricks for a new hen palace. With permission from the farm, the little team collected clay by the shovel-full into wheel barrows and a bakkie for transport onto the school grounds. On plastic mixing sheets little (and not so little) feet blended three parts sand, one part clay, a bushel of straw and a splash of water into a squishy delicious brick mix. The heavy mixes were then poured into a mould (also hand made by Regardt) for shaping and laid out to dry. The end result will be the Class Three structural project – a hen house for the ages. Next up, a school!
by Jason CoetzeeImage Class 3 building 2 Class 3 building 3