India Day in Class 5

In class 5 the children hear lovely stories on the Ancient Mythologies. We started in the fog swirling land of Atlantis and travelled to the hot, dry land of India where the stories of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva come to life. We hear how Buddha started his journey as a Prince in a beautiful castle only to leave and live a life of a humble beggar.  On the 16th February on a balmy summers Friday the class 5s ended off their 4 week main lesson by celebrating India Day. The children dressed up in colourful Indian clothes and tasted a variety of foods that one could find in ancient India. The children decorated their hands and foreheads with henna and bindies and we ended our day with a relaxing yoga session with Denise. In their spare time in the day the children dabbled with drawing their own mandalas while listening to soothing tunes from India. It truly was a magnificent day that all classes look forward to celebrating.

Candice Du Plessis, Class 5 Teacher