Kindergarten Update

This term we welcomed teacher Caroline and teacher Nanine. Now, we say good bye to teacher Laura as she sets sail for her sabbatical break in the second term.

A Waldorf teacher receives a sabbatical after 7 years of teaching as an opportunity to recharge the life forces and their creative energy and fill their own cup, as it were. We thank Laura for your amazing commitment to the preschool. We wish you the positive nourishment that a sabbatical brings so that you can come back with new gifts to share. We will miss you but are thankful for the blessing of teacher Jade Khoury who returns to Imhoff, having done a sabbatical here in the past, and we are excited to work with her as she brings such lovely gifts of creativity, teaching experience and craft. Jade has been in the classroom and the children love her already and she is excited to be here for her favourite term, she says.

Would like to thank each and every parent for your beautiful children and for your support to the pre-school this term.

Nan Raubenheimer, Playgroup Teacher