A visit by two Spiritual Leaders from the Huni Kuin Tribe from the Amazon Forest

Deeply grateful to our Huni Kuin family for taking the time to visit Imhoff Waldorf, for giving the children an opportunity to learn about your sacred ancient ways and for emanating the light, purity and magic of the forest with us here in South Africa.  The land where we will build our new school has been blessed with powerful intention,  we sang ancient chants to bless the water, to bless the land, and the children even had the opportunity to join in the dance of fertility.  Thank you Ninawa and Txana Ikakuru for taking the time and energy to share the magic of the forest with our children here at Imhoff Waldorf.

The Kaxinawa Tribe or Huni Kuin (true people) as they call themselves are a remote and ancient tribe situated deep in the Amazon Rainforest between Brazil and Peru, in neighbouring territories to the Ashaninkas, the Yawanawa and Madijas Tribes.






Ninawa Pai da Mata is a Spiritual Leader and Huni Kuin ‘Pajé’ Shaman from Novo Futuro village. He is a beautiful spirit that carries with him a long lineage and vast ancient wisdom from many  thousands of years from his tribal Huni Kuin ancestors. He is a being of love and compassion, and helps us westerners to connect back to our tribal roots, and awaken to our shamanic tribal ancestry.

Txana Ikakuru lives in his native Huni Kuin village in the Jordão, Acre Amazon Brazil. He is the grandson of Romão Sales (who was one of the main guardians of the sacred and ancient Huni Kuin chants of Nixi Pae) and grandson of the 105 year old Master Kaxinawa Shaman Mukaya (In Memoriam). Txana Ikakuru was chosen by them to carry the ancient Huni Kuin lineage of the sacred chants of the Nixi Pae & the healing knowledge. He is the Spiritual Leader and Pajé of his village Boa Vista. His knowledge on the medicinal plants, sacred chants, and healing arts is vast.

The Huni Kuin receive their knowledge and wisdom over many thousands of years from the forest, the rivers, the plants, the elements, trees and animals. They are the true caretakers and protectors of the Amazon forest and their medicines. Their knowledge on the preparation of the Amazon medicinal plants is vast and ancient, they know a cure for every condition, be it mental, physical or spiritual. This knowledge must be protected and their ancient way of life.

Wishing you a safe return to your communities and know that the doors to Mama Africa are always open. Haux Haux.

For further details on activities or healing works with the Huni Kuin, please email kaxinawa.africa@gmail.com

Tanya Hagen, Parent