Our matric students at Michael Oak Valedictory

It was with equal parts sadness and joy that Janis and I attended the Valedictory ceremony at Michael Oak Waldorf School on Monday 13 October. Four of our Class 12s of 2016 transferred to Michael Oak when the high school was told last year that a fire station would be built on part of the property and that this would affect our ability to offer matric exams on the premises.

Ruth Armstrong, Suzanne Thomas, Troy Emmerson and Levi Harris have excelled in their matric year at MOAK and we look forward to seeing great results from these lovely students. We wish them everything of the very best for their exams and for their future!

It was a very poignant ceremony for those from Imhoff who attended, because the gift of spending all 13 years of your Waldorf education with one class and in one school was made abundantly clear. The MOAK students were honoured by all their teachers from pre-school up to matric and looked back on all their plays, outings, lessons and experiences together with such love for their school family. It is a tragic loss that our students and teachers will now no longer have this opportunity.

by Tracey Bester