Our New Land

Dragon Tree Project Update

I was inspired while walking on the new land, which is going to be the home of Imhoff Waldorf School in the near future. The land is looking absolutely beautiful at the moment with bunny tail grass, a few bright and happy vygies and birdsong welcoming me every step I took.
Suddenly this beautiful piece of land is taking shape as the poles are being erected around the boundary, giving it a sense of containment and ownership. Interestingly there are only a few linear lines and more unusual angles. There is such a magical feeling in the forest with all its natural vegetation, little koppies and clusters of trees, creating shady spaces that our children will be happily playing in. I could clearly hear the sound of the sea and was in awe of the sea view from where the movement room is envisioned being built.
The heart of each classroom has been pegged and once the twenty-four stone pines have been felled, anthroposophical architect, Keith Struthers, will design each classroom taking into account the natural environment and needs of the class. The pine timber will be used for building and landscaping purposes, and the root stumps ground into mulch and sawdust.
It is a privilege to be part of this incredible journey in the life of our school and I encourage parents to become more involved in the Dragon Tree Project (DTP) and sense the excitement that this project has to offer, not only to our children in the future, but also to our own personal development during the process.

By Claire Alberts

“Not that which is inspires the creation, but that which may be; not the actual, but the possible.”

Rudolf Steiner