Parent & Child Circle

Our Parent & Child Circle is a wonderful way to introduce your child to a classroom experience, and for parents to learn more about the rich, developmental approach of Waldorf education. The home-like atmosphere of the program is calming and enriching for both the young child and the attending parent, and provides quality time together for you and your little one.

At our Parent & Child Circle, the Steiner approach to early childhood is experienced. We use play materials from nature, as well as wooden toys and simple equipment. This fosters the young child’s developing senses, allowing their imagination to unfold freely.

Our goal, through observation, is to honour the wisdom in each child and parent on their journey together. These classes are a wonderful opportunity for parents to find community and support in their parenting journey. Articles and reading materials are handed out weekly to support parenting and family life.








The classes are facilitated by Leigh Ramsden who has a wealth of Waldorf experience and a warmth for the children. The Parent & Child Circle runs on a Thursday and Friday morning from 9-11 am during the term. For more information please contact

Claire Walter, Enrolment Coordinator