A Reflection of our Spring Fair

The joys of Spring can be seen all over the school, through the vibrant energy of the children in the playground , the melodies from the constant chattering of birds and of course the flowers blooming in the forest once more. One of Imhoff’s great ways of celebrating this energy is with the annual Spring Fair, a day where our amazing Imhoff community comes together and celebrates all that we have to offer.

This year was no exception. Our ‘Over the Rainbow’ parade delivered us to the maypole, where we were both delighted and in awe of the beautiful patterns made by the class 5s during their maypole dance. We were also treated to a creative and energetic dance by the class 7s that set the tone for a fun-filled day.

From drumming circles to snake shows; splatter painting to fishy stalls – and the favourite of the day, Thor’s Hammer – there was something for everyone to do! There were delicious foods to nibble on, gems to be found at the Treasure Trove and, of course, crafts to be bought from the incredible craft stall.

The Spring Fair stems from a great love for our school, and is truly a day full of community spirit. We enjoyed showcasing our lovely school, and the money we raised is much needed. None of this would be possible without the help and creativity of each one of our children, parents and teachers. The Spring Fair Team is most grateful for all the hard work, generous donations and effort from everybody. We should all be proud of being part of such a successful day!

Bonnie Webb, Class 2 teacher and Internal Fundraising Team