Past Students: Sinoxolo Nazo

I was at Imhoff Waldorf School since primary school.
My time at Imhoff was absolutely amazing.
There will never be a high school like Imhoff High School.
We were like a family: the support I got I shall
never ever forget for as long as I live.
I never knew that so many people loved and cared about me.
I can truly say the high school made me the person I am today.
I was taught to speak up.
And to speak my truth.
I was taught to be humble and to respect those around me.
But most of all I was taught
How to love myself and to care and to love others too.
I am very sad to lose such an amazing family but I am
so grateful for having attended Imhoff high school.

by Sinoxolo Nazo

Charisse with her award winning class 11 drama students in 2016. Sino in the middle.