Past Students: Ruth Armstrong

I started at Imhoff Waldorf in kindergarten and reluctantly left in grade 12 to complete my matric at Micheal Oak Waldorf.

Although leaving Imhoff was not what I had wanted, attending a different school allowed me to view my time at Imhoff through retrospective eyes.  From this retrospection I came to fully comprehend the soul that Imhoff High embodied and encouraged in all their learners.

Through the years, I was fortunate enough to experience the full waldorf high school experience: the inevitable awkwardness of class 8; the class 9  Shakespeare play ( of which I found very painful) ; the  insightful opportunity to shadow a confectionary chef during work experience; the ever so humbling experience of helping out at a waldorf based kindergarten during social practical; finally falling in love with eurythmy during our presentations and the most incredible Parsival experience that I could have wished for.

Then came the best year yet, grade 12.
The mainlessons we received during that year blew me away, particularly Philosophy. The absolute enormity and significance of the content we learnt catalysed such important thought processes within me.

The play we did that year, “Rosencrants and Guildenstern are Dead”, was the most enjoyable experience. I felt none of the crippling self consciousness that was so present in grade 9 and realised that the experience was perfectly timed for where I was in my life.

The next significant process was The Projects. I chose to explore black and white film photography, focusing on candid portraits of my family. I can very confidently say that that was truly the the best opportunity for growth that I’ve experienced so far. In many ways, I’m still following on from that project in all aspects of my life.

During my 12th year I felt fortunate to have done the whole process of Waldorf. By doing so, I felt very close to fully rounded. I reached a point where I could look back on the years and see the importance of mainlessons, plays, projects and all other lessons.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to offer my gratitude and respect for the incredible teachers who guided and held me throughout the years.
Sure we moved a couple of times, didn’t have a swimming pool or tennis courts but Imhoff had heart and soul. Add hard working, intelligent teachers who care and all the materialistic aspects become superficial.

Thank you to all my teachers, for embodying all that is Waldorf and ultimately playing a major role in shaping who I am today.

by Ruth Armstrong

Ruth and her Class 12 Project