Pre-School Aftercare Programme Develops In 2019

As our Aftercare develops, I am very excited to propose a weekly programme for my Pre-school Aftercare for 2019.

The activities suggested are not exhaustive but part of a wider range that I would like to develop as the Aftercare changes into a fun, creative space for the children. Here is an outline:


Baking and cooking – This includes pasta-, bread- and sushi-making as well as basic cooking skills, learning how to work a dough, using utensils, table setting


Woodwork and building – We will be creating little projects with wood, rope and other recycled materials; developing a sense of how to use tools and build something from scratch, using what is available. We will also create spaces in our garden using ropes, stones, wood and cloth.


Arts and crafts – This will include making little felt objects, finger knitting, origami, papier-maché, drawing, sewing, card-making and beading projects.


Gardening – This is part of introducing the children to a sustainable way of living where we grow our own food and pick it fresh from the garden. We will learn to take care of plants, the excitement of watching a seed germinate and growing into a plant or fruit; working with the soil, digging and getting our hands dirty in the garden.


Games and group fun – We will learn new games that will use cloth, rope, elastic and balls. We will be introducing a little music into the games by using acoustic instruments like the recorder, lyre, shaker and tambourine.

Paola Mondati-Muirhead