A Warm Welcome to Paola Mondati-Muirhead in Pre-School Aftercare

I have accepted the role of aftercare teacher with a heart full of gratitude. It is a privilege to be the guardian of your beautiful children. I am a mum at the school and I deeply believe in the Waldorf way.

My vision for the aftercare is to provide a home-like environment where the children feel safe, cared for and where they also have the opportunity to play with other children. The children are gently guided in a rhythm of in and out breaths, where quiet, restful times are included as well as playful activities.

The food is home cooked with an emphasis on nutritious, colourful and child-friendly options. My meals are made from scratch. I especially love working with a variety of flours and grains for my breads and doughs. The ingredients are fresh, organic and locally sourced as much as possible to minimise carbon footprint.

If you have any questions about aftercare, feel free to contact me on 082-5159784 or e-mail me at preschoolaftercare@imhoffwaldorf.org. Aftercare is offered to Playgroup and Kindergarten children until 5pm daily.

Paulo Mondati-Muirhead, Pre-School aftercare teacher