Welcome Lina Tjarks, our Volunteer from Germany

My name is Lina. I am seventeen years old and will do my high school graduation in spring 2018. I have always had the wish of travelling abroad afterwards. Furthermore, I want to experience life in a country for a longer time, not just travelling around. I hope to get familiar with different cultures, ways of living and circumstances while working in a project which helps people who may not have the privilege of getting that kind of education otherwise.

South Africa – especially Cape Town – is a place which I think is fascinating, because of its diversity of every kind (nature, people and culture). Having the opportunity to help directly on the ground and supporting children to develop their own strength is great. Therefore, in my opinion, a Waldorf school is the best place. Even though I did not attend this kind of school, I feel very familiar with the concept of teaching children this way, as my cousin attended a Waldorf School in Germany. I myself have always loved dancing, singing and playing the piano in my free time. Art is a passion of mine which I really like to share with others. This is the reason I have chosen that subject as the major subject for my A levels. I think creativity is a good way to improve the ability to express yourself as an individual and that is why I am convinced that “bring learning to life” is an alternative, excellent, method in bringing up children.

In addition to my artistic activities, I work as a babysitter, a job which makes me confident that I am able to deal with children. I am also a private tutor, which is what confirmed my decision that I want to work in a school or kindergarten. It is a great pleasure for me to work and interact with children and I think that this joy is mutual.

I like to think I can work independently, but I am also capable of learning and facing new challenges. Moreover, I think that sustainability and protection of the environment are issues that we should focus on. They are elementary for making life (now and even more in the future) worth living -especially in countries like South Africa. My interest in this range of topics explains the choice of my other major subject for my A-levels: Geography. These different interests of mine are why I want to work at the Imhoff Waldorf School and why it is easy for me to identify with the programme and the way of working. The possibility of living in with another family in a different country is an unbelievable, valuable experience and I cannot wait to have the chance to get started. I am very interested in being part of the Imhoff Waldorf School project and I would like to hear from you.

Lina Tjarks, Volunteer