Aftercare in the Pre-school

From the aftercare this term, we say a warm hello from the icy winter. Our regular rhythm continues. We begin by gathering together to enjoy a healthy, tasty, freshly prepared meal. Once our tummies are satisfied we rest and enjoy a story together, lying down on plush pillows, blankets and lighting a candle. After that we get creative and make some crafts and play.
To enjoy the sunny weather, we have planned outdoor activities to give the children time to enjoy the lovely gardens. Aftercare is in Josephine and Robyn’s class this term, and soon the flowers will start peeping out.
We generally have 10-20 children in a day.KG aftercare

Life at Imhoff is very different than where I was before, at Fish Hoek Primary, where I did aftercare for fifteen years. I feel so at home at Imhoff, as if I have been here for years and belong. Being at Fish Hoek felt more mechanical, more superficial. 

I have loved getting to know the children. There are regulars and drop ins, but we are all like a family.

Thank you all for the support and your lovely children.
by Giselle