Update on high school offering from 2018 by Chairman of the Board

A reminder that we are accepting enrolments for Classes 8, 9 and 10 for 2018 onwards.
The high school faculty, College of Teachers and Board of Management are working hard on our transition to the new offering in 2018. It was difficult for everyone to live with the uncertainty leading up to our decision at the end of Term 2; that this was our sustainable offering and we are equipped to land these classes on the new property in 2018. Thanks to everyone for their patience and support. Thanks to the energy and efforts of teachers, parents and pupils who rallied together we’ve made this possible. The Board and College deliberated carefully, taking into account enrolment, pedagogical factors, possibilities around premises and financial contributions through the Thundafund campaign run by high school staff and a pledge of over R300,000 from the Laceys. The Thundafund campaign subsequently reached its threshold of over R100,000 to release the funds and the allocation of these funds is being carefully considered to meet the combined purposes of supporting what classes could be offered in 2018 and assisting with the transition of those sponsored pupils affected by the change, where possible.

by Francis Jackson, Chairman of the Board

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