Poerty by Class 7s

The class seven children were given a new, made up form of poetry which they tried out and then came up with some lovely poems. After this task, some created their own poems as a form of expression. Below are a few poems by some class seven children. Enjoy! STAR by HANA PARKER Shining, stunning […]

Launch of the Readathon

The excitement on Monday morning was palpable as we arrived to find teachers and children transformed… “Teacher Daniel is Willie Wonka! Teacher Ester is Liewe Hexie! Teacher Shelby is The Indian in the Cupboard!” Oh, the joys of seeing an authority figure being a little silly! Teachers joined the children in dressing up as favourite […]

7 Benefits of Waldorf’s “Writing to Read” Approach

Waldorf Education starts to set the foundation for reading in kindergarten. Learning to read is allowed to evolve for each child in the same form as it evolved from the beginning of humanity: spoken language developed first, then people drew pictures to communicate their ideas, followed by symbols such as hieroglyphics and finally the abstract […]

Welcome to our new Sports Coach

Our sports team welcomes Dale Honeyman to Imhoff Waldorf. Dale has completed his sports coaching diploma from ETA College (Exercise Training Academy) and is continuing his sports education with an online Sports Conditioning Training course. Dale was awarded Western Province colours for squash, he is an experienced Primary School golf, surfing and cricket coach and […]