Past students: Chryssea Johnson

My schooling at Imhoff, though brief was most certainly unique. Aside from my time opposite the chalk board, I learnt many important life lessons from the people I was surrounded by.

In my opinion, one of Imhoff’s best traits was its diversity. I had the opportunity to meet and form friendships with people from all walks of life who had different upbringings, cultures and vastly different interests. From cyclists, to writers, art fanatics, diplomats, snake catchers, surfers and so many more.

I myself love to write and I was inspired daily by certain interactions with people, and my surroundings within the school to create with words.

Being in the intimacy of a very small class proved challenging at times, though we would also be incredibly supportive of one another when embarking on various, daunting journeys such as school plays or exams. As much as we clashed in our opinions, so did we respect and care about one another.

I moved from Constantia Waldorf to Imhoff Waldorf in grade 11, and more than anything else I was immediately swept away by its authenticity. Rather than strictly sticking to tradition, the school embraced and welcomed newness through many things such as alternative art and drama productions, which gave Imhoff Waldorf some of its quirky, fun and deeply moving characteristics.

As a member of the first class to matriculate at Imhoff Waldorf in 2016, I am deeply saddened that this beautiful school cannot continue its teaching. And as an ex-student I know how valuable the education from a school such as Imhoff is.

I will forever cherish my education from Imhoff Waldorf high school and the priceless memories that went with it.

Chryssea M.V Johnson

Valedictory class 2016.
(Chryss on far right)